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Why cleanse? 
A properly structured cleanse is a great way to hit the reset button on ourselves. Had an indulgent weekend or vacation?? Good for you! These activities are an important part of an enjoyable life. The EMBODY Cleanse will help reset your metabolism,, and ease your transition back into healthy habits.

How often can I cleanse?
The simple answer is it’s up to you! The EMBODY Cleanse has a complete nutritional profle providing all the daily nutrients your body needs.. If you just need a simple kick starter after a long weekend, then perhaps 1 day will do the trick. If you’re just returning from a long vacation or business trip, perhaps 3-5 days is a better option for you. If you have an important event upcoming and you need to lose an emergency 3-5 pounds quickly, perhaps 5-7 days is the right answer.

Why the EMBODY Cleanse?
We firmly believe that too much of anything is not a good thing. Most cleanses on the market today are loaded with sugar, and lacking in macronutrients. While the sugar is the good kind of sugar, naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables, we don’t think anyone should be consuming 185g of sugar in one day (Yes, a very popular cleanse on the market has that amount of sugar!)  The EMBODY Cleanse was designed in concert with our nutrition and detox expert. It uses the best proven detox ingredients and macronutrients, and incorporates them into satisfying great tasting drinks.